Discover the Work Wear Advantage, thoughtfully divided into three distinctive lines, each tailored to cater to your unique needs. Choose with precision from our expanding archive of remarkable fabrics, ensuring your work wear aligns perfectly with your demands.

Frontline – Institutional & Uniform Wear Collection

Frontline, a culmination of extensive research, presents fabrics meticulously tailored to meet the requisites of Institutional and HoReCa wear. It stands as a paragon of high quality, durability, and reliability, delivering comfort and confidence where it matters most. Organizations that prioritize efficiency rely on Frontline’s pristine garments, ensuring a consistently clean, comfortable, and effective appearance day after day.

Tough Crusher – Industrial Wear Collection

Engineered for lasting performance, Tough Crusher embodies the core fabric line of work wear, capable of enduring diverse working conditions. With a legacy of trust, these fabrics epitomize durability, performance, and exceptional quality. Our ToughCrusher industrial wear stands resolute, enduring the rigors of demanding jobs while offering resilience and reliability. Each garment is designed to exceed the specific requirements of distinct occupations, safeguarding against hazards and providing unwavering protection.

Smart Garments – Innovations

Step into the future with Smart Garments, a line that embraces innovation and offers unparalleled performance and quality. Featuring next-generation fabrics, this collection caters to the evolving demands of work wear, delivering exceptional value through durability, comfort, and performance. Our array of fabrics includes high-visibility, anti-static, bi-stretch, as well as eco-friendly options like recycled and organic materials. Our technical team awaits your unique challenges, ready to create pioneering workwear tailored to your customers’ precise needs. Embrace the epitome of quality and value with our workwear innovations.