Discover a world of versatile and innovative fabrics with SFML’s Casual Fabric collection. Backed by extensive research and a rich history of collaboration with global brands, we bring you a diverse range of options that redefine casual wear. Our portfolio encompasses an array of Twills & Gabardines, Textures & Slubs, Stretch Performance Finishes, Eco-Friendly Fabrics, Blends, Mechanical Finishes, and an extensive palette of colors. At SFML, we infuse our fabrics with the latest trends and technology, ensuring a blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Explore our Casual Fabric range and elevate your casualwear experience to a whole new level.

Exceptional Fabrics

At Sapphire, we pour our expertise into crafting top-tier fabrics for both everyday wear and outer garments. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we take pride in producing these fabrics with utmost efficiency. Explore our extensive range, featuring plain canvas, 2/2 matt, cavalry or broken twills, herringbone, Bedford, cord, dobby, and more. These fabrics are available in a variety of weights, ranging from 150 to over 400 GSM.

Textured Elegance

Elevate your attire with our premium textures and slubs. We enhance the appeal of your clothing through cutting-edge spinning techniques and unique loom extensions. Whether you’re looking for casual trousers, stylish shorts, cotton jackets, or exceptional outerwear, choose from our wide selection of slubs to add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Innovative Stretch

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with Sapphire’s range of stretch fabrics. Our wealth of expertise and specialized machinery ensures that you’ll find the perfect stretch for every need. From comfortable stretch for men’s trousers and shorts to versatile options for women’s and children’s apparel, and even powerful stretch for ladies’ jeggings, Sapphire is your go-to for stretching the boundaries of style and comfort.

Performance Excellence

At Sapphire, we excel in high-performance fabric finishes. Our state-of-the-art technology delivers unbeatable results, including:

•Water-Resistant Finishes: Keep your trousers, shorts, and jackets protected from the elements.
•Stain-Resistant Finishes: Repel mud and oil with ease.
•Easy-Care Wrinkle-Resistance: Say goodbye to ironing with our non-iron fabrics.
•Permanent Crease Treatment: Elevate your formal trousers.
•Nano, Teflon, and Micro-Encapsulation Finishing: For that extra touch of performance.

Sustainability Matters

At Sapphire, we take immense pride in our environmentally conscious fabric production. Our unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness is backed by certifications and partnerships that set us apart:

GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton: Opt for sustainable options without compromising on quality for your trousers, shorts, jackets, outerwear, and shirts. Our GOTS certification ensures that our organic cotton meets the highest standards of sustainability.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) Fabrics: Choose to make a positive impact with every garment. Our commitment to BCI fabrics means that your clothes feature some of the most environmentally friendly fibers available.

ReneAgri Certification: Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited has also received certification from ReneAgri, further validating our dedication to sustainable practices in fabric production.

At Sapphire, we seamlessly blend quality, innovation, and sustainability to provide fabrics that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Innovative Blends

Sapphire Finishing Mills excels in crafting blends that harmoniously combine fashion and functionality. Leveraging our expertise, advanced equipment, and a network of reliable, high-quality sources, we create blends that seamlessly integrate the finest cotton with other natural fibers such as linen or bamboo, as well as with man-made fibers like Modal, Tencel, Lyocell, Viscose, or Polyester.

Crafted Mechanical Finishes

Achieve the sheen and softness your fabrics deserve with Sapphire’s extensive range of mechanical finishes. Years of experience and cutting-edge machinery have enabled us to perfect techniques such as peaching, diamond emerizing, brushing, and micro-sanding. Additionally, we possess the capability to infuse brilliance into your fabrics through calendaring.

Your Colors, Your Way

Express your unique style with a spectrum of colors tailored for every season. Sapphire offers you the opportunity to bring your vision to life through our state-of-the-art color lab. Equipped with the latest tools and managed by a dedicated team of professionals, we specialize in Vat, Reactive, Pigment, or Disperse dye stuff.
At Sapphire, we blend innovation and precision to transform your fabrics into works of art.

Casual Apparel

Step into the realm of fashion with SFML’s Apparel section, where style meets innovation. Our Seasonal Collection, refreshed biannually, encapsulates the essence of the latest trends and designs.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a keen sense of fashion, each piece resonates with the dynamic spirit of the contemporary world. Whether you seek timeless classics or cutting-edge ensembles, our Apparel collection caters to every preference and occasion.

Embrace the art of dressing with SFML and experience the evolution of fashion firsthand.