About Sapphire Finishing Mills

Manufacturing quality, building partnerships

Sapphire Finishing Mills is a public limited company created in 2003 as part of the leading textile group in Pakistan.

Every month, we produce 6 million meters of dyed and PFGD (prepared for garment dyeing) cotton and cotton-blend fabric in various weaves, including one- and two-way stretch. In addition, our garment unit produces 100,000 pieces of work wear every month.

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  • A complete range of fabric excellence in cotton and cotton blends.
  • Streamlined execution with quality and cost control built in.
  • Value in volume production or fashion innovation.
  • Partnership with brands and garment-makers.


  • Mission

    Our mission at Sapphire Finishing Mills is to grow flexible textile manufacturing capabilities to lead the industry in meeting evolving global demands.

  • Ethics

    We value conducting business ethically and contributing to the advancement of our partners and the development of our community.

  • Values

    We focus on supporting the strengths of our :
    People | Relationships | Integrity Diversity | Environment

More about Sapphire Finishing Mills:


" Every day at Sapphire Finishing Mills, we work to ensure our plant and processes are the most modern and efficient, and to find the best ways to exploit our proximity to regional garment makers. But even more importantly, we have created a team here that constantly focuses on going beyond just making great fabrics: at every step in production and with every contact with brands and garment makers, we’re in the business of weaving great partnerships. "

The Sapphire Group

Solid, stable and secure
The Sapphire Group is a leader among the largest
integrated textile producers in Pakistan.

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