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Sapphire with its huge operations has the size and the financial backbone to strengthen your supply chain.  Being our partners, allows your product development team to think loud and out of the box; and our experts aided with vertical integration, from yarn to end product, promises to materialize your design team’s aspirations in the form of viable Finished Fabric and Garment Solutions.

“We are The Ultimate One Stop Shop for all Your Workwear Needs”

Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, showing the full range of potential uses of textile technologies under the motto ‘Connecting the Future’. Sapphire, holding its resolution to innovate, is coming to the fair with products that actually and in true sense will enable you to “Connect with Future”.

Workwear Trends Today

Contrary to its generally presumed mature nature, the workwear has recently emerged as a dynamic market. Particularly, the new generation of our times has come up with the demand pattern that insists durability of conventional workwear with added comfort and enhanced performance at the same time.

This time we are bringing those very solutions that will not only match the changing trends of current market but also provides a baseline for your futuristic design needs.


Our wide range of Cotton, Poly-cotton, Nylon, Tencel Blends augmented with Stretch and Antistatic properties and topped with a variety of high performance finishes; is surely the one answer for all your work wear needs.

Nylon & Blends:

The fundamental requirement of good workwear is its strength; identified by performance attributes like tear, tensile, pilling and abrasion resistance etc. Traditionally, the strength was built into the fabric by using heavy weight cottons. With the progress in textile research and development the trend shifts towards polyester rich fabrics. This solution, no doubt, offered the comparative strength in lighter weight fabrics, however, with a big compromise on comfort of wearer.

We have products designed to meet this challenge; a range of Nylon & Blends that are engineered to exhibit Best Performance, at a certain weight range and at the same time possess extremely good moisture management and sweat transportation properties. The intimate blend yarns are spun such that the carefully calculated mixing brings special configuration; enhancing the capillary action of product. Resulting in a product which is durable, have an optimal weight and excellent moisture transportation. Not to mention that this fabric possess inherently better moisture management and no special finish is needed for this.

Stretch in Workwear:

The most interesting trend that has quite recently taken over the casual wear market globally is the inclination towards stretch fabric, reason being the added comfort with liberty to try in contemporary styling.

Why our workforce should wear uncomfortable, rigid fabrics clothing that is loosely stitched just to ensure free movement at workplace? Will they ever get a chance to wear slim fit and smart clothes in exquisite designs to fulfill their fashion taste buds?

The answer is yes! Sapphire has all the options for you to chose from:

¨ Domestically Launderable Workwear: Traditionally, the workwear collections has mechanical stretch articles offering 9-12% stretch ability. Further, when stretchable filament science was not mature the market predominantly used domestically launderable stretch fabrics. We have a complete range of smart CVC and PC stretches that are domestically washable.

¨ Industrially Launderable Workwear: Further to meet more rigorous washing conditions, we have developed industrially launderable stretch fabrics using innovative stretch chemistries.

Industrially Launderable Commodities / Poly-Cottons:

Todays customer demands universally acceptable fabric colors, a product that can withstand through rough and tough conditions applied by various laundries. It will not be an exaggeration to say that till date laundries have no rule. Despite the fancy washing instructions mentioned on carelabel, the laundry weather domestic or industrial will use whatever detergent, washing conditions etc. is most convenient for them; as far as no hazardous material is involved.

In order to address this, Sapphire has developed its own range of industrially launderable fabrics to survive the worst. The fabrics are available in standard workwear colors and can be offered for testing in vigorous washing conditions.