Strong Fibre, Strong Science, Strong Service

Your customers demand the very best quality and value. Sapphire has everything you need to ensure you provide it consistently and reliably... and profitably.


  • Location, Fiber Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

    Centrally located at the hub of garment-producing countries, we enjoy the easy access and short transit times that let us give you the best possible turnaround times.

    You get the benefits of the largest spinning and weaving facilities, as well as the continuous supply of cotton produced in Pakistan, giving you optimized, consistent and smooth execution of your business across the supply chain.

  • Vertical Integration & Stability

    As a member of The Sapphire Group, we have the ability to maintain a large in-stock supply of fabric. That is just one of the reasons for the trust buyers have in us. Vertically integrated production means streamlined delivery, quality control at every step and savings for you. From fibre to the mill, to the garment-makers and to you, Sapphire has the expertise and connections to ensure your satisfaction at every step.

  • Science and Technology

    At Sapphire, we ensure quality and consistency through highly advanced Japanese and European machinery. Our state-of-the-art testing lab, equipped with the most modern tools and staffed by a team of highly trained scientists and technicians, is geared up to ensure each and every meter delivered to you complies to your standards.


  • Resources

    Sapphire Finishing Mills is backed by the Sapphire Group and that means financial stability. That also means we always have what it takes to satisfy our partners, including electrical power self-sufficiency.

  • Systems

    Our mill management and workforce is as advanced as the machinery hardware and software we constantly update. That means reliable supply and consistent quality in your fabric.

  • Service Expertise

    Sapphire sales and service staff fully understand the technical and financial aspects of fabric and clothing production, and are available to you wherever you are and whenever you need us.

How modern are our manufacturing facilities?
How deep and broad is our technical expertise?
What innovation can we provide? How satisfied are our customers?

The more you find out about Sapphire,
the more strengths you’ll find.


Sapphire's operations are centred in Pakistan. This gives you numerous financial, operational and fabric quality benefits.

We're close to major garment manufacturers in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and China. Our location – along with our two deep-sea ports -- also provides a shorter sea transit time to North America and Europe compared to other Far Eastern countries.

Pakistan is the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world, growing fibre that's renowned for its suitability for bottom wear. It’s no wonder that Pakistan has become one of the world’s largest yarn producing and exporting countries.

Since textile production and related work is the major industry here, making up some 70% of Pakistan's exports, the country has not only developed well-equipped, vertically integrated textile facilities but has also invested in purpose-built infrastructure to support the industry’s efficiency.

Pakistan also has the people. There is ample availability of well-trained, skilled labour here, with widespread knowledge of fibre and textile production, along with a culture that understands the importance of service and quality. Pakistan may be described in many ways, but among textile buyers, our reputation is based on reliability.

When you're looking for the best supplier for your textiles, it's hard not to consider Pakistan. When you're looking for the very best, call Sapphire.

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